xxbemyescapexx (xxbemyescapexx) wrote,

mehhhhhhhhh. i wanna BE THIN....:(!!!! omg omg...this is shiit.

i wish i could look like these beautiful people i see.
i want to fit into anything i put on.
i want to feel my bones.
i want to be weak.
i want to feel small.
i want people to hold me delicatly...in fear of breaking me.
i want to be frail.
i want to be envied.
i want to love me...
WHY is it hard!?
i wish i could just refuse food.
i binge...
i want to hide
i want to be SICKLY thiN!
YOU dont understand!
i want to be able to stop eating
i want to not eat my dinner
i am forced to eat...
i really need to say NO.
Please don't worry.
i WANT to be this way.....

I know what needs to be done...now i just have to find a way to do it!! food is NOT the answer.

**make me delicate....
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